Posted by: Ali | December 4, 2009

Maxim Week 1 Icebreaker

Task:  You have just found Aladdin’s Lamp that allows you to change THREE work related activities. However the Genie, Mustapha Impact, has specified that you can only change things that will increase the impact of your library or information service.Maybe its the time of year and the fact I feel like I am scrambling to get things done before the year ends – but I am having trouble thinking of  changes to  three work related activities that have any sort of wow factor, to increase the impact of our library services. Maybe they don’t especially need to have a “wow” factor as such 😉 Anyway my offerings are:

 1. Increase the impact of our library services by engaging with our customers via social networking opportunities such as Facebook and Twitter. One way of utilising these would be as additional communication channels i.e. publicising our library blog posts.

 2. I read an article recently about working with marketing students to improve reference/information services, and I think an initiative like that could very well increase the impact of library services – given that it would directly involve some of our clients. I’ve written about this article on my blog if you are interested in reading more about it.

 3. In my current role I don’t do any “cold calling” on academic staff, but I think that might be something I/we could do to build relationships with academic staff that I haven’t had a lot to do with, and also to help with communicating about what the library can offer. We know academic staff aren’t always aware of our service developments, and then there are always different things like changing database interfaces etc.

 Well that’s it for starters – I may be a  bit light on explanations here but I thought I should get something down. I may end up padding this out for the portfolio!!


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