Posted by: Ali | December 17, 2009

MAXIM #9 Using impact analysis studies – notes from ppt

Definition – impact analysis – process of identifying key user groups and identifying and evaluating impact on users.

Impact analysis studies can be used to

1. access the impact of current services upon users

– allows them to assess whether or not services are having an impact on users and make service development decisions on basis of this information

2. assess the impact of new or improved services that libraries intend to deliver in the future

– possible to carry out a “pre-impact” study i.e. carry out an impact study to assess current impact of services upon users, and then undertake a follow-up impact study to see if new or improved services have had an effect on the impact of users (example used of introducing an online catalogue – good grief!)

– useful when providing training to users – users can be asked to partake in a “pre-training” study to assess current knowledge and abilities. After training has been provided they can be asked to take part in an impact study. Can help with assessment of impact on users by comparing pre and post training levels of skills.


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