Posted by: Ali | January 23, 2010

m-Libraries: Planning and implementation seminar

m-Libraries: Planning and Implementation Massey University Library Friday 22nd Jan 2010

Massey University is pleased to host a symposium on effective implementation of mobile library services and m-library applications. The focus will be on preparing for implementation of mobile service delivery –the rationale, persuading others of the benefits, setting up policies and processes to demonstrate best practice and implementation and evaluation.

Featuring International Speaker Prof. Mohamed Ally. Dr. Mohamed Ally is Professor in Distance Education and Director of the Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University, Canada and a recognised expert in the field of mobile technologies and mobile learning.

Prof Ally “need to have a sense of urgency as things are changing so fast”
move from ptrin to online to mobile
developing countries – bypassed desktops and have gone straight to mobile devices
has edited a book on mobile techonology in libraries
edited a book on mobile learning – can download for free from
need to use intelligent agents that will detect student mobiles and format for that mobile

comments from the session/general vibe

– lack of decent broadband access for all in NZ a major drawback
– NZ has a very high owenship of cellphones but a very small ownership of smart phones (itouch) because telcom companies don’t subsidise them here as they do overseas

my thoughts

– the persistant refrain of mobile identified as one of the top trends at the recent ALA mid-winter meeting
– I am beginning to think it would be way better for me to type this stuff once and use one of those netbook things!




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