Posted by: Ali | August 10, 2010

Collaborating with peer tutors

Keynote from Jan Stewart, Manager, Student Learning Support Services, Victoria University of Wellington “Understanding and supporting the student experience”

Out of one of the discussions during the session came the idea of collaborating with peer tutors/class reps to get feedback about the student experience in terms of things library.

Currently reading

Badger, J. (2008). Turning ‘cold sellers’ into ‘must haves’: marketing unsought library products. Paper presented at the 2008 ALIA Biennial Conference (Dreaming 08). Retrieved from

She says:

We should use personal selling techniques not undifferentiated mass advertising. We need to collaborate with users and involve them in marketing. Using a ‘person like me’ in campaigns as is done in the ‘puffin muffin’ advertisements for iSelect health insurance products targeted at young people is a good strategy. Employing students to be peer advocates may break down barriers and help new students feel comfortable in the environment. Smith and Reynolds (2007 p.150) found many students will seek out student workers before they ask a professional librarian.

What can/should we be doing to increase our liaison with student reps/peer tutors to help gather feedback from students and spread the word about things library?

Will raise this at the Telsig feedback session for colleagues next week – will be interesting to see what the reaction is.


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