Posted by: Ali | September 23, 2010

Talk on e-research

Talk from Jane about what she found out from her Australian trip. Lots of focus on e-research “collections” – driven from the top down i.e. federal government with funding, so buy-in because of that. Not a “library thing” – library as a partner with IS and research services. E-Research on our radar earlier this year – especially with the ARL special issue August 2009 on role of liaison librarians and article on The last mile: liaison roles in curating science and engineering research data. Our take on it would be that we aren’t the curators, we would be the people putting others in touch with the data and “spreading the word”

Also notes from lecture from Paula Callan, QUT Library, circulated by Jane

– eResearch – involves large scale data, often requiring high-performance computing

Learning outcomes:  awareness raising – this is part of the “stuff we should be aware of as liaison librarians” and we need to keep up with trends and what is happening.

I think this might fit under Bok 5 – organisation, retrieval, preservation and conservation of information. Specifically the aspect of understanding the principles of e-research rather than enabling access, or designing systems that the Bok talks about.


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