Posted by: Ali | November 19, 2010

Library stand at Vice-Chancellor’s symposium

I had an idea a few weeks back that maybe we could have a little stand in the foyer outside the symposium highlighting some key library things, as a way of engaging academics in a conversation about things library.

So with the help of some colleagues that is exactly what we did. We focused on two key things  – the universities digital repository and the new eTV service (this was launched officially during the week, so this was a follow up promo, and we could reuse the promo materials from that launch). Took the laptop over for demos (tech problem with that after morning tea meant I missed the post morning tea session which was a real shame).

We weren’t overrun with folks at our stand, but having said that there weren’t huge numbers at the symposium this year. I personally spoke to about 4 academics, which is 4 more than I probably would have spoken to in a “targetted” way. Plus colleagues had chats with other academic staff. We didn’t put a huge investment into the stand – given our windows of opportunity were 30 minutes at morning tea and 30 minutes at lunch (turned into 20 minutes due to session running late!) so I think it was worth our time, and I’d do it again next year – except maybe get someone to bring the laptop over, set it up and take it away again when the sessions are running. Having to slip out of sessions to deal with that was just too much of a distraction and as a result I don’t think I got the maximum benefit from the day. Plus the panic over trying ot get it shut down was very unwelcome!

This update was inspired by a session by Stuart Gordon at the symposium on e-portfolios. Stuart was talking about the Massey aligned myportfolio I think I have set myself up on that but I haven’t used it, and now have quite a bit invested in this. Stuart promoted my portfolio as a one stop shop for storing your CV, conference notes, opportunity to work collaborative with others and have a blog etc. His own site even has favourite music videos.



  1. ok what domain does this belong in? Professional practice??

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