Posted by: Ali | September 23, 2011

Review of RDS Databases

Asked by Liza Fisher of Cengage to review RDS Business & Industry, TableBase and RDS Business & Management Practices. This was work that I completed outside of my normal working hours. I produced a report with comments about exisiting subject coverage, recommended content, and comments and recommendations about technical aspects of the databases.

To test subject coverage and fucntionality of the database I ran the sample searches suggested on Cengage’s own website. This was supplemented by some additional search examples I used from recent student queries.

One of the things that I was asked to do was provide a list of recommended journal titles. There are literally thousands of these and I was pleased to think of the approach that I came up with. I ran a search in the Scimago website to get a list of the top 100 journals for marketing and the 100 journals for business. In addition of the the titles of any ranked journals in those categories that were specifically from Australia (and could be in any quartile). Scimago has the advantage of being freely available if Cengage which to check the results, or run their own searches, and it also covers more databases..

It was good to find that a similar methodology had been used in this comparison – albiet using Journal Citation Report.

My report was well received by Liza Fisher and Maryce Johnstone of Cengage. Submitted to them 22/9/2011


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